Another Germany flight!! I’m starting to appreciate it 😉 germans are some of the best passangers to have! they almost never ring the call bell, they are polite and they clean up after themselves (and their meal tray doesn’t look like burj khalifa when they’re done with it)

Briefing was anything but ordinary! so it was a great start to an awesome trip! the purser is such a funny guy and made us laugh the whole time! he really made the flight, thank you Elias 🙂

The flight was a breeze with super nice crew and a few first timers, so we immediately made plans to go see the city (who needs sleep?! pfff). off course everyone wanted to go see the football game (greece vs. germany) and poor elissavet had a hard time keeping her head high with all the men making fun of the greek team…

On arrival it was a sunny overcast day in Hamburg, beeeeautiful !! We checked into the Le Royal Meridien hotel, which is one of the best hotels we go to by the way 😉 and I got a room next to Avgustina. The hotel is influenced by modern art and in the hallways and rooms are different art pieces which are so inspiring! Another cool thing is that they play music in the hallways of the hotel, how awesome is that?? you have a quick boogie before you go into your room, hehe.

So we decided to meet each other in 20 minutes to go explore Hamburg. I first explored my room off course and was amazed by all the fine detail. In a rush I wanted to get ready but then….uh oh, I couldn’t get my suitcase open!! I tried everything, but it seems that the lock code was changed. For a brief moment I was imagining myself sitting in the room the whole 24hours in my uniform crying… haha but luckily I don’t give up that easily. I went next door to Avgustina and asked her to help me try and get the stupid case open, we tried and tried… until she said it’s okay I can wear some of her clothes. but I didn’t want to give up that easily so we called in some muscle!! Filipe got my bag open in a few seconds, with force but nonetheless. I quickly changed and then we were off to see the city!

First up were the kunsthalle (art museum) with a GIANT spider infront!!

We then went for a walk around the Alster lake. the vibe is so relaxed and touristy there, loved it! and again the germans know how to dress! I could just stare at them wishing I could stop them to take a photo…again! especially the older women with their huge sunglasses and soft pastel skinny jeans, yes they know how to pull it off, doesn’t sound possible right?!

We also went to the city hall that was built in 1897. very beautiful with a lot of detail, couldn’t stop taking photos 🙂

Avgustina and I had krakauer sausages, embracing the german culture while sitting at a little shop selling sausages and beer on the Rathausmarkt.

we ended of our walk through the city centre bygoing around the lake and taking some more photos…what else 😉

That night most of the crew including the pilots went out to a restaurant that brew their own beer. Im not a beer drinker but I must say it was quite drinkable, the beer tasted sweeter than what I’ve tasted before. The food was sooooo good and I had some pork, potato bake and salad….yum!!

After dinner we went to see the football game in some kind of square where a lot of germans came together! it was a wonderful experience seeing them be so passionate about their sport and cheering and singing and drinking together 😉

The Germans won!! 🙂

We walked back to our hotel with a cheerful city all around us. People singing and shouting, cars hooting and waving flags… almost felt like the soccer world cup in south africa 2010!

The next morning Avgoustina and I went for breakfast at the hotel. the best breakfast I had in a looong time, I had heaps of bacon, haha (not so widely available in Dubai).

Thank you Hamburg, hope to see you soon xx