so a few of you asked what would be some of the things that you need to bring from home so I asked a few friends as well and we came up with this list… if you have any other things you might think should be added please comment and I’ll add it, thanks πŸ™‚

What to bring with:

  • a lot of hair clips (there are some here in dubai but its not always the best ones, not the right colour or size)
  • stockings!! you can never have too many. it’s a good idea to bring a few pairs with before you scout the shops here to know where the best ones are
  • money – the first three months you will not receive your full salary so it can get pretty tight depending on your determination to stick to your budget πŸ˜‰ I had about 2000dhs that I brought from home, and with a relatively tight budget I managed…
  • medicine – compared to South Africa there is not a big choice at all when it comes to cold & flu medicine, so pack something from home (as most crew tend to get a bit sick during training) and maybe something to build up your immune system as well (just make sure everything falls under the regulations of medicine that’s allowed in Dubai, emirates will send you a list on your profile page once accepted)
  • a party dress or twoΒ πŸ™‚ even if you’re not into clubbing (like me) dubai has a way of getting you into a skimpy little dress and onto a dancefloor, hehe
  • something to make you think of home, photos, soft toys or anything really
  • a laptop or ipad would be beneficial and DO remember to download skype BEFORE you come!! (as you are not allowed to download it here but you are allowed to use it? weird I know)
  • cellphone – I brought my cellphone with and a pay as you go package with roaming for the first few days before I got to a local service provider to buy a new sim card. so that enabled me to make contact with my family and friends back home the first few days, as the room you get put in might not have internet yet and you might then be stuck without a phone or skype.
  • most stuff you would need are available in dubai so the things mentioned above I would think are the most important

All things black

  • black bag to carry around during training to pack your lunch, cardigan, notebooks or whatever πŸ™‚ it needs to be black to fit in with your red shirt and black trousers
  • black trousers, business like but comfortable to move around inΒ (or two as you are going to wear it everyday for the first 4 weeks!) needs to be neat and loose fitted, no skinnys or trackpants.
  • black shoes (for girls: ballerina pumps or any other black shoe that’s got no bling on them) maybe consider bringing more than one pair as the stockings and all the activities might make them smell a bit and trust me you dont want to sit in a class with smelly feet. or try to find small socks that will not be visible to wear with your stockings.
  • black cardigan or blazer to wear with your red shirt, as some of the classes are quite cold

Things that you should know about dubai

  • the water in dubai is quite harsh on the hair and most crew complain about hair loss. I am one of those ‘victims’. I am loosing so many hair each time I shower its scary, but luckily so far there’s no bold spots πŸ˜‰ what you can do is maybe ask your pharmacist at home what he/she would recommend for that. A lot of girls here also buy a water filter for the shower head and it seems to help (no proof really) but I guess it makes you feel better. It will cost you about 150-250 dhs
  • the people in dubai does not dress that conservative as you might think, so dont be afraid to pack in those dresses and shorts (only during ramadan the people cover up a bit more)
  • the weather is damn hottt!! πŸ™‚

Dubai is what you make of it, there is something for everyone here! hope you are super excited to join and it is normal to be a bit nervous too… its a wonderful experience!!!

Good luck with your training!! see you soon πŸ™‚