So as november came closer and closer I got a bit scared of the big 25! as one of my friends say, its only down hill to 30 from here, hehe (nervous laugh). But I had no other choice than to embrace my aging and celebrate the crap out of november!! Its my first birthday away from home and I had no other choice (with my unusual lifestyle) but to declare it my birthday month as my actual birthday (9 November) I would celebrate at 30something thousand feet! And if thats not weird enough my birthday is only 18hours long as we are flying into the future (also known as Australia). so let the celebrations begin!!! ….

The first week of November I had a few days off in Dubai and decided to make the most of it with my new friends I made here, and scheduled a week of fun with whoever had an off day during that week 🙂 It started off with a beach day at JBR with natalie (my batch mate from hawaii) where we soaked up some sun, had a lovely breakfast on the JBR walk and saw some ‘not so hot beach bodies’ hahaha. Thanks Nat for an awesome time, you always know how to make me laugh!

JBRme and Natj1

Erna (my SA mate) and I decided to go to the marina one evening. we walked around while eating some yummy ice cream, looking at all the beautiful buildings and little markets selling from pashminas to fridge magnets. we took a lovely boat trip taking us around the marina through the creek and also more to the palm side. we went out just before sunset and came back when it got dark so you could see all the pretty lights (definitely the best time to go out on this boat cruise!) we felt so relaxed staring at this suprisingly beautiful city (you tend to like this place so much more when the weather is good) and we felt lucky and happy to be here (which might I add is not always the case). after the boat trip we went for dinner at a lebanese italian restaurant that looked out onto the water. I had some shisha (hubbly bubbly) all by myself as Erna is not a fan, but I felt that its my birthday and why not embrace all this place can give me?! What a lovely evening with a great friend that Im truly thankful to have in this big sandpit, will not survive without you here!!! 😉


I also met up with a friend I made through my blog… yes how cool is that?!!! Martin, he is from Vienna and works in Dubai and loves travelling and photography probably just as much as I do 🙂 It was the first time we met face to face and we met on the bridge accross the dubai fountain (movie scene inspiration??), haha. He took me to a very nice restaurant in the downtown dubai area – cant remember the name though, where we had some lebanese food, yummy!! (consider me a fan since I moved to Dubai,hehe) We talked like old friends, about our travels, lifestyles, homes and families, I had a great time and immediately decided that he will be a great friend to do even more travelling with, just as soon as I can get some days off, haha. Thanks Martin I had a really great time and thanks for being my (only?) ‘not cabin crew friend’ here in dubai 🙂

I would also like to give a shout out to my flatmate Lire for taking such good care of me always and making our flat so homey, my birthday month wouldnt be the same without you 🙂

And last but not the least 😉 Simone!!! thanks for always stopping by and having endless conversations about anything and everything, you are a great friend to me!! and your bday message was so sweet and looong, hahaha, but I felt so special and Im looking foward to being your friend forever even if I move back home and you are the super purser I can imagine you to be 😉


So all in all my first week of birthday celebrations got off on a good start (even if I had to do the indian turn around, baha)

Thank you to everyone who made it so special, and for those who texted me and couldnt make it due to flying, you owe me!! hahaha